Islamic Value Tokens by IBF Net to Reconstruct DeFi Ecosystem

Malaysia-based IBF Net and its newly launched tech arm, IBF DigiLabs have announced a strategic partnership with the UK based Amanah Advisors to develop an Islamic decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The decentralized nature of  financial products driven by blockchain technology and smart contracts aims to provide for the unique “Islamic value” related expectations of the […]

IBF Net to Create Relationship-Based Transactions (RBT) Ecosystem on Blockchain

IBF Net (L) Ltd has embarked on a blockchain-based initiative to create a Relationship-Based Transactions (RBT) ecosystem under Digital IBF Lab, its newly created flagship.  Explaining the nature of Relationship Based Transactions (RBTs), the concept note prepared by IBF Net asserts that RBTs take place in all sectors of the economy – philanthropy, not-for-profit and […]

Malaysian Fintech Company Launches Unique Zakat Management Certification

Zakat is increasingly getting traction as a tool to fight poverty around the world. Major world bodies like UNICEF and UNHCR are taking a deep interest in Zakat as a solution to their problems. While poverty alleviation is among the objectives of the Islam, it is also the most prominent development goal in the Sustainable […]